Now What? Continued delusions or some meaningful action?

Posted on February 13, 2012


We’re finally starting to see a tiny bit of snail-like movement over at the AOC. To be sure, digital purgatory is starting to look much better but there is still work to be done. There’s a series of rumors floating around in another thread that we’re also trying to confirm.

As General Woodhull has pointed out, a few new toadies slated to get new courthouses if they tow the party line are now leading the strategic evaluation committee decimating any and all credibility of the group. It’s a foregone conclusion how that will go down. One only needs to look at the bottom of the digital purgatory page to see how highly conflicted people slated to get new courthouses vote on anything to slow down the AOC or any of their boondoggles. They can’t (or don’t want to) see the forest, unless it’s through a new courthouse window. 

Now What?

After the reefer madness video that is chock full of body language that indicates that the woman doesn’t even believe in the snake oil she’s trying to sell to others, after Ron Overholt stepping down as the interim administrative director and a decision made to elevate Jody Patel to the new interim administrative director position, is this all leading to just another game of musical chairs or some meaningful change? Musical chairs seems to be the norm. Move the same players and insiders around and you get to declare “reform”, “game changer” and other descriptive titles of fallacy. By some accounts, Patel has been involved in a reorg for two years that hasn’t shed a single job, yet as we’ve pointed out before, 21% of the entire AOC’s workforce is responsible for managing people, creating a management to employee ratio of 3 employees to every one manager.

Trial courts have had to deal with real cuts that have resulted in real layoffs and real downsizing. They weren’t afforded the luxury of a strategic evaluation committee study or a two year reorg that does not shed a single job.

The chief now claims that she is focused on budget but how much do you really expect from her after her verbal carpet bombing of the state assembly or the AOC lobbyists like ‘elbow throwing’ Curt? Moreover, how do the trial courts have any assurance that they will see a dime of this money and that it won’t be hijacked to pay for more, new or different AOC boondoggles? iPads for everyone? More two thousand dollar light bulbs? More of a development pause for CCMS that wasn’t really a pause? More of a hiring freeze that only amounts to hiring more highly paid consultants?

What’s next, California? More ‘fact check’ fiction?