$42,350 per working hour?

Posted on February 17, 2012


For every hour you spend toiling away in the trial courts doing your job working for the man, the man is spending $42,350.00 per hour on vaporware that is non-functional today and does not work in any court anywhere.

Judicial Council Watcher wishes to sincerely thank Maria Dinzeo & Courthouse News for distinguishing between the different releases of the CCMS application, thereby demonstrating that CCMS V4 1) Does not work anywhere and 2) Is still under development just like we’ve said (and proved) all along. 

This holy grail of an application will have an obsolete application stack when the software vendors end-of life the underlying software in the near future, returning the Judicial Council and the AOC back to square one.

While Judicial Council Watcher has been pointing most of this out since our inception, what we grossly underestimated was what was being spent on this boondoggle – enough money to keep over a thousand people employed in the trial courts.

Ask Why.

Why would so many people mislead us about this application? What does Justice Bruniers get out of lying to all of us about this application? What does TC-S get for lying to us about this application? Where did all of the money for CCMS go if the AOC indicates it spent a few hundred million dollars less than was actually spent? Is this all part and parcel of the largest fraud in the history of California? 


This is the trial courts under AOC management…

Any Questions?