The lack of credibility and leadership now emanates from the office of the Chief Justice

Posted on July 1, 2012


Flip flopping or being against something before they were for something is a valued quality pragmatists who may change their position after considering all of the facts and a spineless quality of second rate politicians who change their position based on the prevailing winds.

While we would expect to hear the latter from someone climbing their own hill pandering to an elected office, until we landed a chief that believes in many versions of the truth we would have never believed that we would hear it from a chief justice just two years into her term and only when her personal hill turned into the equivalent of the dead vertical climb of the Abruzzi Spur of K2 without the use of ropes or oxygen.

While it is to be expected from a politician, it is not expected or respected when a chief justice does it.  

This has not been lost on us who see how amusingly transparent this chief justice is. This has also not been lost on the media covering this story who all discovered from state legislative aides who would only speak on conditions of anonymity that two of the least credible lobbyists in all of Sacramento both work for the AOC and represent the court system and that both of them represent and have the full faith and credit of the Chief Justice. Playing right into that hand were all of the other ‘judicial council lobbyists’ most of whom wear robes, that were towing the JC party line. Most of these people you might recognize because the Judicial Council and the AOC refer to them as judicial branch ‘leadership’.  People like AOC apologists and popular comedian Judge Dave Rosenberg who suggest that this chiefs inaction had little to do with the vote to handcuff the JC but it was actually based on a previous chief and a previous council’s inaction.

Dave, get a fucking clue man. It wasn’t a different judicial council or a different chief justice that only mustered one measly vote to oversee the AOC. It was this council and this chief justice that sent a strong, loud message to Sacramento that they weren’t going to take any action on the SEC report. It is called cause and effect and we would urge the legislature to take another 15 million dollar wack at the AOC and the Judicial Council if after the July 27th meeting, they still don’t believe it is in their best interests to oversee the AOC – AND EVERY JUDICIAL COUNCIL MEETING THEREAFTER, TAKE ANOTHER 15 MILLION DOLLAR WACK until they get it.

Sooner or later, the Judicial Council’s own obstinacy would result in the wholesale elimination of the entire AOC because they will never get it.

As for Dave? We never put him in digital purgatory because he amuses us with his lack of credibility and his out for himself nametag on his shirt so look for another horse whose credibility hasn’t been shot to shit being trotted out. We might have seen that new pony trotted out already though in the laughable suggestion that misdemeanor trials ought not have juries. Hell, let’s just do away with ones right to an attorney too just like infractions.

What continues to amaze and shock us is that the legislature continues to let the AOC build without any rules, regulations or oversight some of the worlds most expensive public buildings while courts shut down and court employees across the state are laid off. Worse, no one has identified where the money will come from to run these new structures. That becomes especially concerning in cities like Mammoth Lakes where the brand new courthouse costs 500% more to maintain and operate than the old courthouse, or Stockton, a city that just filed for bankruptcy and has ample downtown space that could be converted to a courthouse for a small fraction of the quarter billion dollar projected cost of the new courthouse – six times more expensive than any structure in the city – or the substantial extra costs of maintaining that structure in a court that has been historically under-funded and in a city that is bankrupt.

Mark our words, when that courthouse is completed, all other courthouses in San Joaquin County will cease to exist because of financial pressure to close them. As the SEC report pointed out the AOC has not financially planned for how to operate than new buildings which cost substantially more to operate than the old ones. Perhaps the legislature will be addressing this in a second round of looking at the AOC’s wasteful operations that are shutting down the trial courts.