Something….different is in the air tonight courtesy of this states’ constitutional officers

Posted on July 7, 2012


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Tani Cantil-Sakauye, Chief Justice of the California Supreme Court (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Epic Fail courtesy of the Judicial Council

We’re all well versed on all of the issues of branch governance. In the latest governance gaffe it appears that the judicial council is getting far more than they bargained for.

We suspect – as we’ve stated before – that the Strategic Evaluation Committee report is being subjected to death by unnecessary study, comment and delay. Since 2006, a wide series of reports culminating in the Strategic Evaluation Committee’s report has highlighted the poor management of both the AOC and their programs. Yet all the judicial council has done has embraced and lauded this mismanagement and protected the managers. If this were a commercial concern, the shareholders would have already replaced the board of directors. If this were a democratic institution, the governed would have replaced all of their representatives.

But this is the Judicial Council, 21 people mostly appointed by the Chief Justice – as long as they have the vision to speak with one voice. To her credit, we must give Cantil-Sakauye credit for permitting the governed to express themselves and actually permitting those comments to be posted on the California Courts website. Under the previous George administration, this would have never happened. We would imagine they’re regretting the results.

Judicial Council Watcher has quite a few more entries to the Judicial Council Watcher hall of fame. Most of those new entries can be found on the California Courts Website. As we have time, we’ll be adding each entry promoting SEC reforms to the Hall of Fame. These visionaries are true judicial branch leadership because they stand for something meaningful to all of us.

A few days ago, retired Judge Charles Horan, one of the founders of the Alliance of California Judges released this scathing letter impeaching the integrity of this rolling comment period after six years of studies. Since then over thirty five judges have sent their comments into Statistically, 97% of the comments support Judicial Council reforms. About 70% of them support democratization of the judicial council. And one comment even makes reference to us, though not by name. Judge Robert Dukes properly observes that the SEC report just reinforces what we’ve been telling you for the past two years – and what AOC Watcher was telling you way back in 2009.

Judge Julie Conger says it like it is. “The war has begun and recognition of the problem has expanded beyond judges to all court employees, the legislature and the Governors office. It is no coincidence that the judicial branch’s budget has been cut by close to a half-billion dollars, almost precisely the amount wasted by the AOC and by tacit lack of oversight and supervision, the judicial council”

As “anonymous” has noted, this is a revolution and a whole lot of people are constructively working to reform – or overthrow a branch of government. Of course, this kind of rhetoric has some truth to it, though I am sure that those revolutionaries don’t look forward to ending up on some over-reactive DHS no-fly list.

There’s something in the air tonight.

And we’re loving it.

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