Discourse due to malfeasance and mismanagement – or is it the economy?

Posted on August 11, 2012


One of the items we’ve heard from members of the inner circle is a talking point that dismisses current discourse and attributes it to budget cuts and the economy. Yet as JCW searches the internet for sites such as ours that specifically indict their judicial leadership, they don’t exist quite to the degree that they do in California. Admittedly, circumstance have us uncomfortably leading the charge in number of reads, number of posts, number of participants, the sharing of critical information, the generation of media attention in the form of thousands of stories in the past 3 years, attention from the other two branches of government and more than likely – the feds. IRS, FBI and a bunch of other three letter monikers. The sharks smell blood.

What we’ve managed to accomplish with our unique approach and outreach in these matters has been to get every court reform group throughout California to agree on one thing: It does not matter if you represent Family Court reform; Mothers rights, fathers rights or children’s rights; It does not matter if you represent probate and conservatorship reform; it does not matter if your cause is promoting judicial excellence, it does not matter if you are a member of a court union, a court reporters association, a bunch of former court employees from the AOC, former employees from Contra Costa Courts, former employees from the LA courts, a judges alliance or a judges association.

One certainty that has served as a consistent theme to unify us all; nothing will ever change until Judicial Council kangaroo governance is addressed and the proverbial head of the snake (being kangaroo governance and inappropriate influence) is removed and replaced with something that serves all of the people.

These voices for reform are getting louder as we all come to the realization that just like the emperor before her, our new empress has no clothes! In a number of respects, she is being painted as being more closely aligned with Imelda Marcos than to lady justice. Yet we all know and can feel the effects of those behind the curtain and many of the same old tired ploys that have been tried for years.

What also is less apparent is that a collection of independent media companies and journalists extending from the Oregon border to San Diego County is not only beginning to work with us, but they are beginning to work together because they have a stake in these reforms as highly concerned citizens. Amazingly, those who charge others thousands for their superb freelance works are beginning to brainstorm as any national news team might to produce their own stories, videos, photography and other works that will be diving deep into these issues that will be hosted here and elsewhere.

Momentum is growing.

If your organization has anything to contribute to the cause or you need resources to tell your story, please feel free to contact us directly and we’ll put you in contact with one of our sponsors or any of the independent media companies or individuals that we’re working with. It is a goal of our sponsors and those that have agreed to work with us to synchronize this effort, to expand everyone’s web presence and to organize opposition.

Simply put, we’re out to shut down the Ministry of Truth. Please join us.