The OCCM Train Wreck

Posted on August 23, 2012


You heard it here first even though Mr. Jones was officially, unofficially leaked the summary of the Pegasus Global Holding report. Of course, when you and I see the whole report in all of its gory detail, someone is going to wonder why we’re giving these stooges 6.5 billion dollars to shut our justice system down.

“Word from the inside is that they’re making like they’re re-arranging the deck chairs – but this time, they’re making no effort to re-arrange. They’re simply going to be releasing the Pegasus Global Holdings report with a parallel internal report to indicate the oft used “snapshot in time” argument and that they have cured all that ails OCCM.”

If it is released at all and the Ministry of Truth is true to form, It will most likely be released internally to the courts around 4:30 PM on August 31st and posted up on at about 5:30 with a general press release because the cowards wish to reduce the blow back by releasing it in advance of a 3 day weekend.

One thing we figured was that any competent evaluator would come to the logical conclusion that the office of court construction and management is grossly understaffed for their mission, yet has this same 7 layers of management that the rest of AOC management has. Instead of hiring employees internally, OCCM contracts everything out with little to no oversight. Any even slightly dishonest OCCM employee could build a retirement nest egg on kickbacks and no one would be the wiser or even care.  For their part, AOC has robbed hundreds of OCCM’s positions to bolster their own ranks and programs at the expense of trial court maintenance.

The conclusion Pegasus comes to is astounding. The organization has a hierarchical organizational structure but is so grossly inefficient and the management so inept and devoid of leadership qualities that it operates as a flat organizational structure – a sub organization that operates nothing like the organization it’s a part of. Each manager operates their own little fiefdom without oversight – not even from their own organization. But we knew that.

That’s how one side of the organization builds overpriced courthouses and how the other side of the organization fails to maintain courthouses while grossly overspending on multiple layers of management with the organizations they contract with. Lacking any of their own boots on the ground, they must pay their contractors to manage everything.  And they pay through the nose and nobody flinches.

Meanwhile the unfunded maintenance liability grows exponentially, with projected unfunded costs already exceeding the projections of CCMS and they’re paying about a dollar per square foot more that DGS for worse service.

The Pegasus Global Holdings report, when it is released, will probably end up being the best reason to transfer maintenance and construction to the agency that does it for a living on ALL state buildings and was building courthouses for about 50 years before OCCM came along.

Nowhere else in America will you find the judiciary involved in construction or courthouse maintenance. Nowhere in america exists an organization entrusted with 6.5 billion dollars in construction funds that is totally exempt from all fraud, waste, abuse and public corruption laws without any meaningful oversight.

We’re going to have spotty service over the next week as we realign our services so if it takes a day or two for a response, we’re improving our digs.