The CCMS / SEC / OCCM Hangover

Posted on September 4, 2012


Good morning California!

Welcome back to the grindstone after a long labor day weekend. This morning most of us woke up with a quasi-hangover. Some of us stumbled into work and most everyone else is working from home or called in exhausted. While over the past five weeks remodeling was being done around us, all of the projects were choreographed to completion on schedule at 8PM last night.

Note to self: Remind the boss that labor day is a celebration of the american worker with a day of rest, not a marathon turnaround working session ala Yahoo’s Marissa Mayer. Not that anyone could tell the difference. They both sent out emails at about the same half-past dead hour extolling the virtues of being the best place to work. Except we have no overburdening process, bureaucracy or log jams that stifle innovation. Where you have hour long meetings scheduled in outlook, we have huddles lasting less than ten minutes where no one sits down.

Thankfully, the inspirational email did not indicate our own entry into the bathroom hall of fame.  

The other part of the hangover? We’re still here and will be for the foreseeable future because it appears that our trusted SEC representatives are selling out the rest of us with timelines extending out as far as 18 months for people to report back on how they intend to address items divulged in the SEC report. ie; study the study and let the AOC do the studying and implementation, if any.

Apparently Steven Jahr is no Marissa Mayer. 

We’re surmising that the three representatives were appointed based on their ability to play ball nicely with the Judicial Council and the AOC. While most of us were objecting to the timelines and the overall concept of studying the study, statistically, we’re seeing a budget cut coming in November while Robbin George and his band of merry bandits continues to divert money towards the central bureaucracy and palaces of justice at the cost of access to justice. They’re still all upset that AOC Watcher rocked the CCMS gravy train and JCW knocked it off the tracks.

What we found remarkable was the excuse-maker Judge Brian McCabe from Merced county. Now, one would think that Judge McCabe would have taken his charge to implement the report seriously but instead, much like in his own county, he sticks his head in the sand and suggests he would be surprised if a turnaround can be accomplished in a mere year.

Yet, when Mr.McCabe has his own court budget gutted by the legislature and The Guv via the automatic trigger, he is going to figure out a way of making it all work inside of about 30 days while giving the central bureaucracy another year to figure it all out.

As the Obama campaign once pointed out, that’s change that you can believe in.