Feinstein: AOC is partially to blame for judicial branch budget crisis

Posted on November 15, 2012


In a new post by Eric Winkler up on One Legal blog, Presiding Judge Catherine Feinstein mentions how much damage the AOC has done to judicial branch credibility in the state legislature.

“Speaking to an intimate group of 24 members of the San Francisco Association for Docket, Calendar and Court Services, Judge Feinstein said it was the AOC’s lack of credibility with the state’s governor and legislature, which holds it in “such low regard,” that made it incapable of lobbying against the cuts that left the Judicial Branch’s budget reduced by one-third.”

“We were virtually defenseless,” said Judge Feinstein. “Many cuts were not inevitable. The AOC brought discredit to our state’s entire judicial system.”

You can read the rest of the article over at One Legal here.

Sadly, unless the deck chairs are thrown overboard, we see no change in the future of the judicial branch’s legislative credibility. To accomplish that, the legislature needs to clean the AOC’s house. The AOC and Judicial Council have demonstrated they are incapable of doing so. While the L.A. courts endure a monumental reorg that will close all the courtrooms in 10 courthouses in a mere 8 mos, it will take the AOC nearly eighteen months to complete their reorg, which we all know will leave them larger and better paid when it is concluded.