’twas the night before Christmas…

Posted on December 24, 2012


Apologies about the late submission but this was so brilliant it needed to be posted immediately. Delilah gives you… the night before Christmas…. feel free to add a verse!

Twas the night before Christmas, and all through the State,
good people were acting to change the Courts’ fate.
The misdeeds and boondoggles shown everywhere,
in hopes that soon agents with cuffs would be there.
The usual suspects, in bed with Deloitte,
had visions of what funds they next could exploit.

When in Sacramento arose such a clatter,
the Gov turned his head to see what was the matter.
Department of Finance was sent to deliver
a message that made Mr. Jahr start to quiver.
Reserves would be swept, said the Gov in his wrath,
requiring the Death Star to do more new math.

They must pass it down to the trial courts below
so that AOC staffing and coffers could grow.
But then, to our grateful surprise, they returned:
The Judges’ Alliance the CJ so spurned!

The others, the “watchers,” they all were there too,
still active and righteous and stating what’s true.
With the CJ now steering the Titanic ship,
she called to her oarsmen to tighten their grip:

”Now Jody, now Steven, now Curtis and Curt,
it’s full-steam-ahead, we will never get hurt.
Though RonO and BillO and R.George before me,
retired with their perks, you must stay here at sea.

There are bodies to bury, more lowpoints to reach,
more money to pilfer to pay for Long Beach.
Rearrange all these chairs up here on the deck.
Who cares if the trial courts end up the shipwreck?”

But the “watchers” avowed, as the ship sank from sight,
“Once the rats have been caught, we will set things aright.”