The AOC: The only place in government where making 12 copies takes 60 days

Posted on July 26, 2013


After hearing rumors about a rental in San Francisco being used by AOC leadership one of our media partners crafted a public information request and submitted it to pubinfo. Knowing that it wasn’t likely that the rental was an AOC line item, the author instead thought through the AOC travel expense claim process and surmised that if the expense was to be registered anywhere on behalf of judicial branch leadership, it would most likely be registered as a reimbursable expense.

The author of the request reasoned that because the top four all maintained Sacramento area residences and San Francisco is downright expensive to live with studios going for upwards of two grand a month that leadership might have reasoned that a rental in the city is what they believe they may be entitled to in lieu of relocating closer to their jobs.

After all, nobody questions AOC leadership on their decisions if they desire to stay employed. But the condo rumor is persistent, fast and furious at the crystal palace so instead of questioning leadership directly about it and take a chance on losing their jobs, it is being communicated to us via the private message window (link) and it is being communicated to others outside of the AOC.

Many AOC’ers commute as far as 300 miles a day to and from work and are not reimbursed for their commutes. They are also not entitled to stay in a hotel room just because they have to be at work early the next day or had to work late at night. They’ve grown weary of the self-dealing management that carves out double standards for themselves out of a sense of entitlement. So it’s no surprise that quite a few AOC’ers might be miffed at watching the trial courts crumble under current AOC leadership because of perceived self-dealing and double standards.

The author requested 3 months of travel expense claims covering Jahr, Patel, Soderlund and Child between March and May of 2013 additionally requesting any document that would reflect reimbursement on any habitable dwelling being paid for directly by the AOC. The AOC’s response to this request was that they had no record of paying for a habitable dwelling. A few days later they responded to the travel expense claims request.

The author was requesting copies of three months worth of travel expense claims for 4 individuals. 3×4=12 copies.

The AOC responded that they estimate that they can produce those 12 copies of travel expense claims by September 27th, 2013. We’ll keep you apprised on any changes we learn about regarding any habitable dwelling being reimbursed via the AOC but if you happen to have any firsthand knowledge the AOC rumor mill tends to be far more accurate than leadership gives it credit for.

Contact us via the private, anonymous and secure message window (link). Just don’t do so from work because various entities set proxy appliances to alert them when you visit us – and our private message window.


 A few years ago the AOC went from AOC wide meetings to divisional meetings to communicate with AOC employees directly. After a few meetings where leadership was presented with some embarrassing questions in AOC-wide meetings that they refused to address and deferred to others, a decision was made to break up AOC wide meetings to meetings by division so that if a troubling question were asked, the whole AOC wouldn’t be poisoned by the lack of response. It would be isolated to the division level and only that well would be poisoned, not the whole AOC. Since the AOC would prefer all inter-divisional communications to flow up the chain of command and across to other divisions they believed that employees from different divisions don’t talk to each other. It is dysfunctional in both practice and belief.