Another walk down memory lane…

Posted on August 9, 2013


The page that we’re going to share with you to takes awhile to load because it has about 500 links and extensive commentary. We apologize for the slow loading but we feel it necessary to revisit what we consider a watershed moment in California judicial branch history (Link).

A little over a year ago the JC/AOC released the Strategic Evaluation Committee Report and people across the state commented upon it. Early on in the comment period, we learned that the state bar, the judicial council insiders and AOC leadership was gaming the system by trying to enlist, for a lack of a better word, “mercenaries” to support them.

These mercenaries are otherwise innocent legal aid and assistance organizations who rely upon the AOC doling out funding. So the message they likely received was probably something akin to this:

We discovered with your help that these non-profits were given a template for their response by the State Bar of California and Judicial Council and AOC leadership and we caught them red-handed (link). Later, we would observe the comments rolling in from hundreds of judges statewide that called for immediate implementation of the entire SEC report.

The “mercenaries” who were all funded by the AOC predictably pumped out the AOC \ State Bar template responses that they were instructed to put out there. Only one disclosed that they relied upon AOC funding and were writing in support of the juggernaut that hands out cash. Outside of those orchestrated responses and individual insider responses, there was virtually no support for AOC management.

Mind you, it wasn’t AOC workers people are critical of. It is the AOC management who has now mismanaged well over a billion of dollars in public funds and put further public funds at risk of being wasted.

Most of them today are still the same directors and senior managers that took the branch down. They keep their jobs, you lose yours. Or you lose your courtroom or courthouse. 


Predictably it was a few months later that the AOC doled out funding to these very same legal nonprofits and legal aid folks. Maybe someone else should be distributing that funding…. like the state legislature or the attorney generals office because a judicial branch that uses public funds to buy influence like this sets a dangerous precedent in the halls of Sacramento.

It has been a little over a year since the comment period was closed. We get to see some of these folks that should rightfully be fired slowly and gracefully gliding into publicly funded lavish retirements when some of us believe they should be doing hard time at Club Fed.

It’s beneficial to take a peek down memory lane and let the slow page load to see what a quarter of this states judges had to say about AOC management and realize that in 11 months, little has changed. We were promised change in eighteen months which is coincidentally when Ms. Roberts will be gliding into her Burmese retirement. Unfortunately, none of us is seeing the degree of change sought while the juggernaut that is doling out influence continues to do so.

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