Yugo, Ferrari or an SUV that can do everything?

Posted on October 7, 2013


There is a major disconnect in the Crystal Palace. Even epic failures must be rolled out as resounding successes because this bunch of yahoo’s (Not to be confused with the far more competent Yahooligans of the Marissa Mayer variety..) does not want the appearance of losing face.

If we were to make a comparison to the AOC’s 10 year effort at CCMS to an automobile, we think a Yugo up on jack stands without an engine, wheels, doors, interior or glass is a far more accurate comparison than the Ferrari in the garage that we can’t afford the gas to, or the latest comparison, an SUV that does everything but we can’t afford to get it out on the road, even though we paid a hypercar price tag for it and canceled it six years after it was supposed to be delivered to the courts.

The fact of the matter is that CCMS V4 does not operate in one single courthouse in California. Zip. Zero. Zilch. When an epic failure like this is foisted upon the California taxpayers by so-called leadership as a resounding success if the state would only cough up a few billion more, yet it has not been deployed or is functional in at least one of the remaining 400+ courthouses left, it’s impossible to claim that the product is complete. What’s more is that this was performed by a terribly troubled IT vendor whose own epic delivery failures and bad publicity nationwide outnumber their successes.

So is everyone just supposed to believe that everyone else who contracted with Deloitte and ended up firing them or filing suit against them because of failed delivery and quality issues just simply suffering with resounding successes that they can’t handle?

Is this judicial administration incapable of making poor decisions? That’s the real message they want you to believe. Judges and justices simply can’t be second-guessed is the mantra that they want you to chant with them. After all, it was judges and justices that continue to speak of the legendary sports car or the Hummer H1 that they promised you but never delivered because they couldn’t burn enough public cash to deliver it.

How would Edmunds.com , Road & Track or Car & Driver review CCMS if it were a car? What would they compare it to? Well, first….. they would want to see it in production somewhere on earth and then they would want to test-drive it. It’s not in production anywhere you say? It cannot be test driven? How are we to take your word for it that it handles like a ferrari or can go anywhere and do anything like a hummer H1?

Would that be because you are a judge or a justice and your word is the gospel truth? (QUEUE: Justice Terrence Bruniers: “We own the code”) pffft.

He was right about that, wasn’t he?

You never heard any leadership say a thing about him being wrong. You didn’t hear it from his own lips. You heard an AOC staffer indicate that we don’t own the code. And there is so much more in that stealth bomber costing contract that we will never know because the AOC will only deliver a fully redacted copy that makes it appear to be an off budget black ops program and is strictly on a need to know basis.

The State Auditor needs to know.
The State Assembly needs to know.
The State Senate needs to know.
All 58 courts need to know.
The public needs to know how you wasted our money so we can all conduct a lessons learned and not repeat the failures.