The Fictional Works of Ron George

Posted on November 6, 2013


The Quest for Justice in California – An autobiography by Former Chief Justice Ronald M. George

When your ego knows no bounds and you’re being tagged as the cause of much strife and consternation by your peers, it’s time to jump on the old ‘puter and pen yourself some 800 pages of revisionist history.

The Quest for Justice will be available on for the low price of only $36.00!

If you happen to purchase this book you will be financially rewarding this unremarkable chief justice who resigned rather than face the music and wade through the mess he created. Our suggestion? Wait to check it out at your local library next year or borrow a copy from one of the insiders. Better yet, wait for the AOC to purchase the first 1000 copies for every legislator and courthouse in California at the full boat price of 36 bucks apiece, then borrow it from your local law librarian.

Some fascinating tidbits from the web include the classic Ron George blaming everyone but himself for branch failures and continuing to deride his critics as insects. In true to Ron George form, he picked a venue to propel his message in a manner that does not permit disagreement or contrary opinions. The true believers are already embracing these artful works and lauding praise upon the chief. He derides legislators across the spectrum as being self-absorbed and more concerned about their own legal issues than the California justice system. He derides his colleagues on the supreme court. He derides Bill Vickrey and blames him for the boondoggle known as CCMS without acknowledging his own lack of program oversight. As the chief justice of the largest judicial system in the country, every time the buck stopped at his desk he passed on it and the web available tidbits of this autobiograpy underscores these points.

He sees himself as the father that birthed a whole branch of government. Remarkably, he’s been able to not only reshape a branch of government but he did so in a manner that makes him and his cronies that still run the branch virtually untouchable and leaves them in power absent any major legislative intervention.

Absent any serious checks and balances, the branch investigates and oversees itself with one set of laws and rules for the insiders and another set of laws and rules for everyone else. They’ve been able to skate away from accountability time and time again because they run the system and virtually all that interacts with the system because they pass out the money – another abdicated responsibility of our legislators to the unelected appointees of the council.

Ron George set out to own the judicial system in California and make us all his bitches and mostly accomplished that objective. Had he been successful in mandating CCMS across all California courts as a system his AOC owns and controls at a reckless cost exceeding one million dollars per judge, had he been successful in being able to appoint presiding judges and court executive officers across the California court system his dream would have been achieved.

Don’t believe for a second that there has been any change of focus. It is your voice that continues to make a difference and prevent these travesties from becoming reality.