Another round of construction stimulus?

Posted on May 25, 2020


Today, they say that some 42% of those jobs where people were laid off will not return anytime soon. Much like the American Reinvestment and Recovery Act provided billions for shovel ready projects, it may happen again. But will the judicial council drop the ball again and refuse the money AGAIN?

Probably. They dislike the federal oversight and accountability strings that come with the feds providing the money. If court construction were moved over to DGS, then we feel confident that just like they did last time, DGS would utilize the funds.

But if the branch wanted to take advantage of billions in free money as to not stick traffic scofflaws with these bills, it would be important to assess and ready projects to the shovel-ready state and plan to accept the funds for new court projects. It probably won’t happen under a Trump administration because only the wealthy and corporations benefit from any action he undertakes and the poor working folks are left to leverage FreeBNB for freeway underpasses.

And now, a note to the Judicial Council and various courts:

After our last blog entry, we noticed that the courts essentially got on the bandwagon of social distancing, stopped holding most hearings and started releasing prisoners and erasing bail.

Today, as some parts of the economy gear up, citizens are still largely afraid of long lines and crowded locations typical of a court environment. With some courts, if you placed social distancing rules into place with tape spaced 6 feet apart, lines would wind around the block and down the street. This all must be addressed. The persons who don’t show up in court today are likely in fear for their health and that should be taken into account before issuing FTA warrants.