“Team George” – The Players

We’re beginning to believe that Ron George didn’t go far when he chose retirement. Rather, he installed his minions and cohorts into positions of power to provide political and legal cover for his undignified exit from the stage in the face of serious allegations regarding ongoing financial impropriety in the organizations he was entrusted to run. Like good little soldiers that obey orders, the minions and cohorts sought to have him raised to demigod status, raining praise upon everything he did much like they did with his top lieutenant, Mr. Vickrey.

I’m guessing that if the “Ronald George State Office Complex” came up for a real democratic vote it would have been shot down in flames. A similar democratic fate would be awaiting a “William Vickrey conference center.” While most government agencies generally wait until someone is dead to name stuff after them, there is a neuro-psychological benefit to elevating someone to demigod status by naming something after them before they die.  For one thing, there are those that will bitterly defend their decision. Another thing is that they will use it as political cover indicating that their demigod could never engage in or be involved with “x”, after all, a state office complex was re-dedicated in his honor by honorable people.

Of course we would be negligent if we didn’t mention that all of these so-called honorable people were elevated or appointed by Ron George so what comes around goes around. Ron George continues to have vast influence over California’s judicial branch as one of the men behind the curtain operating the malleable muppets that sit in the Judicial Council star chamber.  Many of his appointees are tainted themselves which lends to their malleability.

This is a placeholder to outline the Team George players that continue to run the Judicial Council and the AOC. This post will be edited by reader input. If you can identify the “Team George” players and their respective past and current roles, we’ll post them up for all to see. While we maintain our own list, we’re going to rely on reader response to populate this list initially.

“The Old State Court System Gang” or “TOSCS”
Ronald George – the ringleader behind the curtain
Justice Tani-Cantil – the ringleaders puppet
Justice Richard Huffman – Resident expert on organized crime
Justice Carol Corrigan
Justice Judith McConnell
Justice Terence Bruiniers
Justice Brad Hill
Justice Douglas Miller
Justice Marvin Baxter
Justice Harry Hull
Justice Ronald Robie
Justice Judith Ashmann-Gerst

“The New State Court System pawns” Pawns are people that aspire to something greater and will do anything necessary to brown nose their way to the top.  They’re the people that do the dirty deeds cheap on behalf of those who control the old state court system. They promote centralization and/or death star politics.

Judges list
Retired Judge Terry Friedman (now a private judge with JAMS)
Judge David Rosenberg  – Yolo
Judge James Mize – Los Angeles
Judge Stephen Baker – Shasta
Judge Sherill Ellsworth – Riverside
Judge Ira Kaufman – Plumas
Judge David DeAlba – Sacramento
Judge Kenneth So – San Diego
Judge MaryAnn O’Malley – Contra Costa
Judge James Herman – Santa Barbara
Judge Teri Jackson – San Francisco
Judge Glen Reiser – Ventura
Judge Robert Moss – Orange
Judge Marsha Slough – San Bernardino
Judge Erica Yew – Santa Clara


Court Executive list

David Yamasaki –  Santa Clara (yet alleged a San Diego resident…)

Kiri Torre – Contra Costa – Former AOC

Kim Turner – Marin (Destroyer of court documents & approver of improper contracting of former boss)

Stephen Nash – San Bernardino and former finance director for the AOC.

Michael Roddy – San Diego and former regional director for the AOC

Pat Sweeten – Alameda  – former AOC (semi-retired)

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  1. JusticeCalifornia

    August 21, 2012

    Lando said, on another thread:

    “While Governors had their political differences most respected those ideals in making appointments to the Appellate courts including the elevation of Ron George who was a highly intelligent jurist. All this changed after Governor Davis left and Ron George had the desire and ability to control many appointments to the Court of Appeal and beyond including the CJP , his own successor on the Supreme Court and of course the Judicial Council. Loyalty to Ronald George and his controlling vision of the court system became the only important and relevant criteria for advancement. His henchman, J Huffman insured that only loyalists were selected and promoted to the Judicial Council. The same measure of control exists today through new E and P Chair J Miller. If any one doubts this, just review the history of Judicial Council votes which for the most part had little or no dissent. . .”

    I have no idea if Ron George was ever a “good guy”– he came onto my radar in the early to mid 2000’s as I realized that patent Marin Court corruption was being protected at the very highest levels of the branch.

    But if I recall correctly Ron George was appointed to the Supreme Court in 1991, and he teamed up with Bill Vickrey a year later in 1992 when Vickrey was brought here from Utah. These two men– by all accounts– have made the branch what it is today. So our story about Team George starts at least 20 years ago.

    Luckily for us, hindsight is 20-20.

    Click to access NR31-10.PDF

    Ron (” knew when to walk away, knew when to run, tucked tail and ran like hell”) George, 7/14/10:

    “Despite these considerations, I resolved that I could not in good conscience depart this post if California’s judiciary remained enmeshed in a severe budget crisis. But through the tireless and creative efforts of many individuals within and outside the judicial branch, the issues facing the courts have been resolved in a manner that will get us through the difficult budget year that lies ahead, without compromising our ability to provide the public with fair and accessible justice.”

    Click to access OC22-11.pdf

    I especially like Phil Isenberg’s quote about Vickrey and frugality: “I worked closely with him while Chair of the Assembly Judiciary Committee, and during my service on the Judicial Council. Bill took on a difficult job and he did it well. He will be missed by me and every other fan of an equitable system of justice, administered by an efficient and frugal court system.”

    And also Ron George’s comment about Vickrey sticking around for the “transition”:
    “Chief Justice Ronald M. George said: “Last summer when Bill Vickrey told me of his intent to retire this year as Administrative Director of the Courts, I urged him to stay long enough to facilitate a transition to the new leadership of the judicial branch”.

    Yep, hindsight is 20-20.

    “I urged him to stay long enough to facilitate a transition to the new leadership of the judicial branch”. I would guess all of Team George received this urging from their Team Captain.

    I suppose Team George’s theory is “The king is dead, long live the king”. I like this one better:

    “The king is dead, long live democracy.”


  2. unionman575

    August 21, 2012

    I like this one better:

    “The king is dead, long live democracy.”

    Me too!



  3. Been There

    August 21, 2012

    Beth Jay, consigliere to three CJs. Her role grew from gatekeeper (under CJ Lucas) to intermediary under R George. A behind the scenes player perceived by individual judges to speak for the CJ.


    • Wendy Darling

      August 21, 2012

      And don’t forget “secret keeper” and faciliator of dirty deeds done dirt cheap, Been There.

      Long live the ACJ.


      • Been There

        August 21, 2012

        Verrrrry interesting, Wendy. Can you elaborate on the “dirty deeds done cheap”?

      • Wendy Darling

        August 21, 2012

        I would be happy to, Been There, to any sworn investigator from the California Attorney General’s Office, the California Department of Justice, the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the U.S. Attorney’s Office, or the U.S. Department of Justice.

        Not that anyone from any of those offices cares.

        Long live the ACJ.

  4. Team George was and is a tyranny that runs an entire branch of government . As I have pointed out before, the former CJ controlled every facet of the branch. He set up Judicial Council advisory committees where Justices and Judges would be vetted for the Judicial Council. CJ George’s most loyal henchman and enforcer, J Huffman passed on virtually every Judicial Council appointee. The result, a Judicial Council that rarely if ever dissented from the script the CJ had set forth. Seeking to aggregate more and more power the former CJ had a huge impact on the selection of many Appellate Justices. Once again the criteria for elevation centered on loyalty to the CJ and his vision of branch management. In turn many of these loyalists ended up in positions of power such as Judicial Council committee chairs, or members of the CJP. Once the CJ exited many had high hopes that the branch would reform and become more open. The reality is that nothing has changed. J Miller and J Hull promoted under former CJ George’s regime now play increasingly powerful roles at 455 Golden Gate.The result ? Despite the stinging rebuke of the SEC report, absolutely nothing has or will ever change. Next please look out for the private evaluation a consulting firm has done on courthouse construction issues. Sounds like another CCMS mess sponsored by the “insiders” at Team George.

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