The number of county courts open today should be zero.

Posted on March 19, 2020


Social isolation and maintaining a six foot distance from each other is critical to flattening the curve. It’s entirely irresponsible to require in-person appearances of anyone when social isolation cannot be maintained. Any court requiring people to appear is issuing the equivalent of a death sentence for some and a sickness sentence for others.

That’s about as depraved, cruel and unusual as it gets.

NO PROSPECTIVE JUROR SHOULD SHOW UP in crowded rooms waiting to be called upon for trial consideration for the same reasons.

So I’m more than amazed that Orange county is setting up courtrooms in the county jail while closing courtrooms around the county.

“Branch courts will remain closed, but each will get a courtroom at the central jail to handle essential hearings, including items on the calendar for March 19 through March 27.

Essential hearings include misdemeanor hearings with no future date, felony hearings with no future date, criminal preliminary hearings and criminal jury trials.”

If these hearings are so critically important, they should be held via webex. Under no circumstances should anyone be appearing in a super vulnerable facility to carry the coronavirus in or out of that facility.