Current Affairs

Today, August 5 2015 (SMN) Pleasanton, California

Shadow Mountain News informally launches a current affairs commentary on Judicial Council Watcher with a decidedly centrist-progressive twist. We will take the news of current affairs and try to make some sense of it.

Generally, we can all probably guess a far right view on just about any subject and we might even guess what a far left view might be. Usually, radically opposing sides of an argument have their inherent weaknesses that seem to be rarely discussed. We seek to present you with a more tempered aspect of the big picture when we cover current affairs.

Each page will be launched by month of the year and will be periodically updated throughout the month. But don’t you worry none because we’re leaving the comments on so you can call us on our crap and tell us your thoughts. What’s more is that we’re informally launching it which means you probably inadvertently stumbled upon it when you wondered what the hell the changes were about in the menu.


We genuinely hope you’ll enjoy your time here as much as we’ll like writing for you.

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