Retreads. Unsafe at any speed

Posted on October 19, 2013


You’ve probably seen their aftermath littered all over California roads. They cause millions in road hazard damage claims and accidents every year and if you happen to run into one as an insured, your insurance company will tell you that regardless of the circumstances it is entirely your fault. What am I talking about? Retreads. Retreads represent a majority of the truck tires that peel off a truck rim after a tire blowout.

Today I want to talk to you about another kind of retread. These retreads are of the judicial council variety. Nobody elected them to be “branch leadership” but as one of the last vestiges of good ‘ol boy politics left here in California they’ve demonstrated that time and again, no matter how screwed up these groups might get the operative words now and always are to stay the course and always speak with one voice.

An astonishing observation that any casual observer can make about this group is that the bigger the train wreck, the larger and more grandiose the subsequent appointment or re-appointment.

It is an antithetical cosmos that exists for the benefit of the chosen few yet purports to represent everyone with over 400 judges sitting on various committees guiding the courts into the twenty-second century. Of course, what’s left on the cutting room floor of this storybook fairytale of transparency and accountability is the fact that all of these 400 judges and justices that represent the courts are all appointed. Their official views and their votes rarely, if ever represent their courts and it isn’t because of a lack of trying. Rather, the agendas are set and guided under strict control by Pavlovian sycophants that were appointed to chair and co-chair these committees.

They have earned their esteemed leadership positions not by being elected to them by their peers but by sucking up to both the chief justice and the administrative director of the courts. You can usually pick them out of a crowd because their noses are just a little browner than those around them. They’re the type that would smile and be jovial even if you delivered the news that their whole family died in a plane crash.

JCW is proud to introduce the new council members and committee members and leadership of California’s Judicial Branch.

What’s that you say? They’re largely the same as the old leadership? That’s an astute observation my friend! The reason for that is that the pool of Pavlovian sycophants gets smaller and smaller every day that someone like you finds out the truth and refuses to step up to place their bets at the fixed roulette wheel of the star chamber.

Fear not against the reformists they say, for while they outnumber us on a 5 to 1 ratio, they don’t hold and will never hold the critical positions of chair and co-chair that could really make a difference because they must be appointed. And until they develop that brown tinge that sets them apart just like everyone else, they will never be members of the exclusive club and they must never ever learn of the secret handshake or the decoder rings.